TV Installation

Midwest TV Mounting offers professional installation of residential and commercial TVs ranging from 32″ to 97″ and higher. We can help you with all sorts of TV installations such as over fireplaces, brick walls, glass walls, and more.

Home Automation

The use of technology to control and automate your home has grown to many elements within the home, such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, and entertainment. With the help of sensors, controllers, and intelligent devices. You can remotely manage and monitor your home environment, create custom schedules, and set personalized preferences. 

Smart Home  Controlled by tablet with Home Automation

TV Removal & Wall Patching

Need to move your TV to another place in your home, need to fix holes in the wall or even fix and secure the TV to the wall so it does not fall off. Leave it to us to fix the job. We can also remove TVs and fix and patch any hole in the wall.

Security Camera Installation

TV Mounting Midwest provides the best surveillance camera installation services. Whether you are a business or a homeowner looking for a security camera installer Midwest trusts.

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Home Theater and Media Room

Whether you are looking for a Home Theater setup or multipurpose media room with whole home audio for your home, or the ability to control your interior or exterior audio, Midwest TV Mounting has you covered.

Wire Concealment

Mounting a TV or setting up a home theater is not complete unless the wires and cords are concealed. Relax and let us do the hard work with with hiding your wires in wall according to your local city code.

In Wall Speaker Installation

The best sounding surround sound is typically ear height systems and uses ear-height speakers. In-wall speakers blend perfectly into the wall and provide the best listening experience.

Outdoor Media Installation

Outdoor entertaining is a growing trend, and with so many new furniture and electronics options available for outdoor use, why not try it in your own backyard? You can have every comfort of an indoor entertainment room on your patio.

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