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TV Wall Mounting Service Serving Evanston, IL

Local TV Mounting Company Serving Evanston, IL

TV Mounting Midwest provides professional TV installation, TV mounting Service to residential and commercial customers in Evanston, IL, and surrounding areas.

Our services include mounting TVs on bare walls and over a fireplace with the wires concealed in the wall or wires hidden in wire cover.

If needed, we can provide the TV mounts, HDMI cables, and all other necessary parts to complete the job.

We can set up and mount your Soundbar or your home theater receiver with or without a projector screen and mount your speakers on the wall or the ceiling.

We are bonded and insured, and all our Home Media Solutions in Evanston, IL, and the surrounding areas include a limited lifetime warranty.

So give us a call today at 630-586-6161 for a TV installation or Home Theater quote or check out the prices or book your appointment online.

Our services include TV installation, Home Theater Installation, Security Camera Installation, and Computer and Network Wiring installation.

  • TV Wall Mounting Service in 60201
  • Home Security Installations in 60201
  • Home Theater Installations in 60201
  • TV Wall Mounting Service in 60202
  • Home Security Installations in 60202
  • Home Theater Installations in 60202
  • TV Wall Mounting Service in 60203
  • Home Security Installations in  60203
  • Home Theater Installations in 60203
  • TV Wall Mounting Service in  60204
  • Home Security Installations in  60204
  • Home Theater Installations in  60204
  • TV Wall Mounting Service in 60208
  • Home Security Installations in 60208
  • Home Theater Installations in 60208
  • TV Wall Mounting Service in 60209
  • Home Security Installations in 60209
  • Home Theater Installations in 60209

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