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At Midwest TV Mounting, we bring professional TV installation and mounting services right to your doorstep. Serving both residential and commercial customers in Chicago Heights, IL, and the surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions. Our expert team specializes in mounting TVs on drywalls and over fireplaces, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing setup. Say goodbye to unsightly wires as we conceal them within the wall or hide them in wire covers for a clean and sleek look. We go above and beyond by providing all the necessary equipment, including TV mounts, HDMI cables, and other components, to complete the job hassle-free. If you need assistance with setting up and mounting your Soundbar, home theater receiver, or speakers on the wall or ceiling, we’ve got you covered there too. Rest assured, our bonded and insured company stands behind our work, offering a limited lifetime warranty on all our Home Media Solutions in Chicago Heights, IL, and surrounding areas. Ready to elevate your TV viewing experience? Give us a call today at 312-970-0029 for a professional TV installation or Home Theater quote. You can also explore our prices or conveniently book your appointment online. Our comprehensive services include TV installation, Home Theater Installation, Security Camera Installation, and Computer and Network Wiring installation.
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Can my TV be mounted over my fireplace?
Absolutely! Mounting a TV above a fireplace is very popular option for many our clients. Please include wall type and wire concealment options when booking service. Check our photos for examples.
Do I need to provide my own mount?
You do not need to provide your own mount, just let us know and we will provide one for you.
Can my TV be mounted without drilling?
TV mounting without drilling can be provided for TVs up to 55″. This service requires a special TV mount. Click the book service button for more info. It is best to call us to speak with our tech.
Will my TV cords show?
You can choose several options to conceal your wire, through a wall covering or in wall concealment.
Can my TV be mounted today?
Yes. We can provide same day service with 5 hours notice, choose EMEREGNCY service when booking and we will call you ASAP to confirm the booking.

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